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4 Reasons Coaching Is Critical After 360 Feedback

So you’ve completed the 360 feedback process, gotten your report, looked at your results, and…now what? Just like we use coaches to improve sport performance, coaches are also critical for improving work performance through providing encouragement, seeing things from a different perspective, and guiding us…

How Do You Measure Employee Engagement?

It’s the age-old question…How do you measure something that is, at its core, intangible? The area of Employee Engagement is often categorized as a “soft area,” or a form of positive psychology in which hard and fast measurement is impossible and unquantifiable since engagement is…

Ways to Boost Employee Engagement

There’s no getting around it: The absolute best way to boost employee engagement is to go directly to the source. Through routinely surveying an employee base – and actually listening to and acting upon their responses – any company can improve morale, happiness, and overall…