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The Importance of Goal Setting

We all know that the vast majority of New Year’s resolutions don’t last.  In fact, 25% of people abandon their New Year’s goals after one week and the average person makes the same resolution a total of 10 times without success.  Likewise, we regularly hear…

Coaching Free Agents

The nature of work-and our relationship to major organizations-is changing dramatically. In a time of growing wealth, the age of the knowledge worker, leaders are taking a new look at what motivates star performers.   The management challenge is no longer how to make sure…

Clear Communication Paves the Way for a Successful 360

Multi-Rater Feedback, otherwise known as 360-degree feedback, continues to gain popularity as one of the most valuable tools for employee development. Several trends, such as completely customized instruments and online administration and reporting, make this process more streamlined and efficient than ever before. The concept…