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4 Reasons Coaching Is Critical After 360 Feedback

Coaching 360 Feedback

So you’ve completed the 360 feedback process, gotten your report, looked at your results, and…now what? Just like we use coaches to improve sport performance, coaches are also critical for improving work performance through providing encouragement, seeing things from a different perspective, and guiding us towards doing the best we can with the resources and abilities we have. Here are just four ways that coaching enrichens the entire 360 feedback process:


It ensures understanding: The first and obvious benefit of utilizing a trained coach involves helping you interpret and more wholly understand the results in your 360 feedback reports. If the results are simply confusing, or if you react negatively to the data, a coach can help to see the big picture.


It adds an emotional factor that can lead to growth: It’s easy to look through numbers, statistics, and figures that don’t necessarily require full realization of their importance. However, discussing raters’ ratings and comments in a dialogue with a coach can give meaning to the data that truly sets the stage for creating action plans for growth.


It creates accountability: We all know how difficult it can be to stick to our goals: whether it be a New Year’s resolution, a new diet, or a demanding exercise regime, we can all relate to the difficulty of sticking to our plans to better ourselves, in favor of the comfort of retreating to our old and familiar ways. The same concept applies to using 360 feedback! When going through feedback and action planning with a coach, you suddenly have a teammate, mentor, and liable confidante to guide you through the process of improving on weaknesses and further leveraging strengths.


It increases effectiveness: Incredibly, only 34% of 360 feedback participants claim to have made significant changes six months after receiving their results. However, when coaching and action planning are also part of the process, this percentage jumps to 94%! Having a coach to guide you towards utilizing your data most effectively has been the #1 factor proven to result in meaningful change.


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