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Welcome to Assessment+!


Check out our site and find out more about who we are, what we do and what our customers think about working with us – in their own words. We help organizations and leaders around the world achieve more!


Our team helps organizations measure what matters. We help you ask the right questions that lead to relevant, powerful information to run your business, lead your teams, engage your employees and wow your customers. Your needs are unique and we offer customized solutions that help you achieve your goals.


We have decades of research that confirms that organizations with effective leaders and high levels of employee engagement outperform their competitors. It’s simple – when you invest in developing your leaders and engaging your employees, amazing things happen.


Assessment+ has built a solid reputation on a customer-first approach, innovation and customized solutions. Our tradition of ingenuity has driven continuous improvement in how we work and our work is inspired by our belief that learning is a life-long journey.


Assessment+ has worked in many industries over the past 40 years and we’ve recently expanded our offerings in the engineering, healthcare, higher education, and bio-pharma industries. From aerospace engineers who design spacecraft to explore our vast universe to scientists who are dedicated to developing life-saving solutions for their patients, we have the privilege of working with some of the best organizations and leaders around the world who make a difference every day.  


If the partnerships we build and nurture with our clients create one small ripple that leads them closer to their mission and vision, we have succeeded.


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