Our Team


of team members

are terrible at the hula-hoop


are personality type

ENFP (The Champion)


of us are runners

100% when chased


think red wine

has magical healing powers

Visionaries, life-long learners, action-takers, executive coaches, professional listeners and collaborators, we arrived here from different paths with the same mission: to help you be better at whatever it is you do. (Just as long as that’s not the hula-hoop.) Come meet our team!


Meet the Team

Jennifer Taylor


President & CEO

MBTI Type: ENTJ: “The Executive”
Soundtrack: Jeff Buckley, Kings of Leon, Mumford & Sons, Cash Brothers, Jayhawks
On Fridays you’ll find her: Relaxing with a glass of Pinot Noir.
Typical Props: iPhone, iPad, Yellow highlighter, Cup of Joe
Accompaniments: Best Husband in the world, three beautiful kids (Alden, Olivia & Elaina) and three amazing dogs (Bella, Baxley & Sophie)
Pet Peeves: A dirty car. A cluttered desktop (or cluttered anything for that matter.)
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Project Manager

MBTI Type: ENTJ: “The Executive”
Soundtrack: Anything from Mumford & Sons to Taylor Swift
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Out with friends… Or just watching “Friends”
Typical Props: Passport, running shoes, and my puppy at my feet
Accompaniments: Big, amazing family and a mutt named Bailey
Pet Peeves: Rude people and grammar mistakes



Project Manager

MBTI Type: ISFJ: “The Defender”
Soundtrack: Bon Jovi, Sam Hunt, and Story of the Year
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Hanging out with my sister or reading a book
Typical Props: iPhone, cup of coffee, and a book
Accompaniments: My family and our dog, Nala
Pet Peeves: People who are rude and don’t pick up after themselves
Fantasy Role: Rory from Gilmore Girls



Project Manager

MBTI Type: ESFJ: “The Provider”
Soundtrack: “Time Out” Dave Brubeck
On Fridays you’ll find him: Waiting in carpool
Typical Props: iPad/iPhone
Accompaniments: Jennifer!
Pet Peeves: Rude people & anyone that parks in a handicap spot that is not disabled!
Fantasy Role: Don Draper
Greatest Achievement: My kids!
Catchphrase: No Worries



Project Coordinator

MBTI Type: ENFP: “The Champion”
Soundtrack: Maroon 5, anything by Black Eyed Peas, and Lenny Kravitz
On Fridays, you’ll find her: caravanning daughters to their sporting or social events
Typical Props: Coffee mug, reading glasses, chocolate and post-it notes
Accompaniments: a wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters (12 and 15) and the cutest little bunny to boot!
Pet Peeves: messy bedrooms and a dirty car




QA Associate

MBTI Type: ESFJ: “The Provider”
Soundtrack: Depeche Mode, Miranda Lambert, Billy Joel, Avett Brothers, Coldplay, Barenaked Ladies
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Out to dinner with family or friends
Typical Props:  iPhone, People magazine, Blistex, two six year olds
Accompaniments: Husband, 3 daughters (Kylie, Mimi & Kate), a dog (Lucy) and a rabbit (Bun), a book and a glass of wine
Pet Peeves: Slow drivers in the left lane


QA Associate

MBTI Type: ENTJ: “The Executive”
Soundtrack: Anything from Neil Young to Usher
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Out to dinner with family or friends… NOT in the kitchen
Typical Props: A golf club or my iPad
Accompaniments: My husband, three children, two grandchildren, and dog
Pet Peeves: Lateness, Rudeness, Atlanta traffic, and People who don’t love dogs
Catchphrase: It is what it is!



Strategy Sage

MBTI Type: ENTP: “The Visionary”
Soundtrack: Anything from Lion King to Toby Keith, and as far back as the Rolling Stones, which covers a lot of ground
On Fridays, you’ll find him: Watching high school football. Asleep by 9pm. That’s a joke, but only by an hour or two
Typical Props: Briefcase and a large mug of coffee
Accompaniments: Incredible family—not just wife and kids, but dogs, in-laws, and one grandchild
Pet Peeves: Politicians



QA Associate

MBTI Type: ISTJ: “The Inspector”
Soundtrack: Anything by Eric Church, Garth Brooks or Third Day
On Fridays, you’ll find her: Cleaning the house after putting the toddler to bed
Typical Props: iPhone and Diet Coke
Accompaniments: A beautiful toddler, handsome husband and any one of the Outlander books
Pet Peeves: People not cleaning up after themselves