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Improve Your Employee Engagement

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employee engagementWhat is Employee Engagement?


Employee engagement is a metric that we measure to determine how engaged or involved your employees are with your organization. As with everything we do though, it’s much more than just a statistic. After all, your employees are people – People with emotions, goals, and lives!


Why Does Employee Engagement Matter?


When your employees arrive to work with a desire to get things done, they’re more productive. It’s as simple as that! And at Assessment+, we want to help you improve the happiness and productivity of your team. Why? Because highly engaged employees are highly performing employees!


There are essentially three types of employees in any organization – those that are engaged, those that are disengaged, and those that are actively disengaged.


Engaged employees are your ideal. These are people who are happy to be at work because they get a sense of purpose out of what they’re doing. They’re passionate, innovative, and effective. When you have an engaged workforce, you have a successful workforce!


Disengaged employees are those that show up for work, do their jobs, go home, and repeat. They don’t go out of their way to improve the organization, nor do they do anything to purposely harm the company.


Actively disengaged employees are the ones going out of their way to interrupt the organization and undermine their fellow coworkers.


What does all this mean?


Well, we target every type of employee. First, the engaged employees. We determine what drives them, and make sure we continue to pour into those people to keep them engaged. With the disengaged crowd, we aim at providing a sense of purpose in the work they do to make their jobs not only a job, but also something they look forward to every day. For actively disengaged people, we have to look deeper into them as individual employees. For many, it’s possible that a simple change in environment is all they need to start performing above and beyond expectations!


It’s our belief that achieving high levels of engagement is the most important thing you can do to improve the productivity of your organization. No, really! Achieving a positive balance between work life and home life, being aware of how your employees feel, and focusing on employees as individuals are all things you can do to drive higher levels of engagement from the people in your organization.


Interested in seeing why employee engagement matters for a specific niche?


It’s easy to see why employee engagement is critical to the health of an organization. Employees who care about their work perform at a higher level, and those who feel connected to their company act with its benefits in mind. In fact, engaged companies result in shareholder returns that are five times higher after five years. It’s been proven: Solid engagement strategies lead to better business outcomes.


How Do We Come In?


To help you improve employee engagement at your organization, we’ll create a customized assessment that effectively measures existing engagement. More than just a one-and-done event, the assessment also provides permanent access to a personalized dashboard where you can see your organization’s results, review the action plans we create together, and use data to gauge improvement over time.


We’ve worked in this industry a long time – since 1984! Throughout that time, we’ve developed some of the most successful ways to measure and improve the level of engagement in any market. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the automotive, manufacturing, hospitality, restaurant, or any other industry – people are always people! At Assessment+, we deliver results with a proven method that will get your employees engaged at work!


One of the best employee engagement strategies we have is employee engagement surveys. These help us to determine the places that we can improve on the most, and where we should focus our actions! The resulting survey data will prove invaluable to our efforts. The bottom line? We will improve your engagement, period.


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When your employees arrive to work with a desire to get things done, they're more productive. It's as simple as that! And at Assessment+, we want to help you improve the happiness and productivity of your team.