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Performance Management

Simplifying employee-manager reviews
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What is Performance Management?


Performance Management is the simple task of building a work environment that everyone – from management to employees – can be productive in. In reality, the task can be difficult and takes time; however, we strive to make it simple. Effectively simple.


Some examples of this include:

  • Giving proper compensation for the work being done
  • Developing clear job descriptions for your employees. This helps them to have a better idea of what’s expected of them, and work more efficiently to accomplish the tasks that have been given to them.
  • Providing a clear path for career development
  • Making sure that new employees have the orientation and training that they need.
  • Continual education for employees to make sure everyone has all the tools necessary to perform effectively.

How it’s done.


When it comes to Performance Management, we strive to simplify what can be a daunting process. We’ll customize assessments for a specific department or job function. You even have the option to use a multi-rater assessment that gathers feedback from subordinates and peers in addition to managers. (While the multi-rater questions are similar to those in 360 assessments, the methodology and use of feedback are different.) We also allow you to calibrate ratings and add notes about why a particular rating was given.


With our intelligent assessments, you can turn a sometimes-painful process into a development tool that benefits everyone.


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