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Team Assessments

Improve productivity without increasing staff

A great team is more effective than the sum of its individual members. So when an organization enhances team dynamics, it can achieve extraordinary results.


To help you improve teamwork at your organization, we’ll equip you with assessments that evaluate team synergy as a whole—gathering feedback from customers, managers and others impacted by the team—or each individual team member. These assessments measure some of the most critical behaviors linked to effective teamwork, such as operating collaboratively, communicating well and valuing different perspectives.


Along with the assessment, we’ll give you a concise and easy-to-read report that highlights talent areas as well as areas prime for development, both collectively and individually, so you can identify important next steps.


The process has given us a better understanding of what is important to employees as individuals and a thousand-foot view of where departments stand as a whole.”

– Heather Smith, Phototype