What Sets Us Apart

Full Service + Ego Free
Our Tailored Approach

Having worked with hundreds of companies and organizations during the decades we’ve been in business, we know that everyone who walks through our doors brings a unique set of needs and challenges. Even our standardized services are designed to adapt in order to best serve each customer. Further, our employees are trained to listen before offering advice, making their recommendations as valuable and relevant to you as possible. A custom, personal approach isn’t just our specialty; it’s our norm.

Our Full Project Support

We consider ourselves a partner rather than a vendor. When you use one of our assessments, you don’t just receive a download link, you gain access to a team of professionals ready to use their expertise on your behalf. You can get help preparing for and implementing your assessment, as well as tools and advice that help put your findings into practice. When you work with us, you never go into an assessment process alone, but rather enter it confidently with our support behind you.

Our Commitment to Best Practices

Our knowledge of and commitment to industry best practices allows us to ensure you get the most reliable results possible. We will help you perfect every step of the process, from the wording of the survey questions to their distribution. Having been thoughtfully designed and implemented, your assessment is far more likely to elicit honest, accurate and relevant results.

Our Innovations

Assessment+ was one of the first companies in our industry to let the Internet transform how we created and distributed assessments. Today, we employ some of the most advanced tools available, and we continue to research and develop new technologies based on our customers’ needs. Due to our innovations (which you can read about here), we provide the highest level of customization possible while keeping our services both affordable and accessible.