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Metrics Matter in Leadership

It’s apparent whether you actually study leadership development or if you simply start a conversation with any circle of acquaintances – the general workforce is not engaged. Most Americans are living for the weekend, for holiday breaks from the office, for long-awaited-and-eagerly-anticipated vacations. To put…

Emerging Leaders: Lauren Hutson

While we certainly promote developing, coaching, and continually improving leaders – it is what our business is based upon! – we also have found, through years of assessing employees and studying their personalities and backgrounds, that some qualities are persistent and identifiable far before an…

The Growth of People is the Highest Calling in Leadership: Why Performance Appraisals are a Waste of Time

Why are traditional performance appraisals still around?  Organizations historically have used this process to decide who gets promoted, who gets more money, and who should get cut. Organizations spend millions of hours each year checking the proverbial “Performance Appraisal” box: filling in forms, holding meetings…